Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Do You Know who you are?

Someday ago i visited my native place, and i was quite happy with the surrounding.The place was surrounded by green trees, their was greenery every where, even the temperature was quite soothing. I loved the noise made by birds in morning and loved to sit by the riverside in the evening. At last i got rid of the hustle and bustle of city which is so agonizing.
There i had an intresting conversation with my uncle.
I asked him, "According to you what is chief reson behind all miseries, why is that some people try to make a habbit but they fail again and again.And then they give up"
He gave me long stair and cleared his throat and said,
"this old fella knows, a couple of things about life and will try to share it with you."
he kept his hand on my shoulder and then continued,
"Suppose you throw a stone on a very calm water, what happens.. it will generate waves by its side.Now if you you do the same thing in a wild ocean even though you throw twin towers you won't see anything.Because its so wild that you wont notice a thing." We humans are so much distracted by outer world that we forgot our inner world.We think that the happiness is derived from outer world, so we spends hours on phone, we chat endlessly, we go shopping, we do every conceivable thing to make our self happy but that happiness is short lived. And then we ask our self why don't feel happy, I got everything but i am missing something within. This is the chief reason behind most of the broken relationships where people initially feel very happy
together, they are on cloud nine, they spend hours and days together. They don't give time to themselves and after sometime they just feel themselves overwhelmed.
And this leads to broken hearts.
SO i asked him then "what we should do",
He just smiled and got up and i followed him, we started towards the river bank,then he said,
"All our frustrations and worries of life arise because somewhere we forgot our trueself that is god like. We have thrown ourself so much in the oterworld
that we hardly know what it means to live in peace. We are so much in a race to acquire money that we have started to beileve that comfort is happiness.
We are so much surrounded by sexuality and vulgarity in our society that we have forgotten what it means to be pure and godlike. Our minds are choked by contant fear of
disomforts and losing something in life. We are so much attached to outer beauty that we lost our inner beauty."
Then he looked towards the sky and i could sense that he was overwhelmed by emotions,
"" He continued, All things come from an empty place and a deep silence. We you want to know the truth then you goto go back to that empty place with in you.
You have to go back to the place where you belong. You goto feel the silence that lies within. Its like when the surface of a lake is still then you can see
what lies at the bottom."
Then i quickly if thats the case then why don't people do that,
the answer is simply he replied" Our mind is like a monkey which cannot sit at one place, it will keep on jumping from one branch to another.
and people find it difficult to control it. So they always take the easy way out".
But how can silence would help me.
Then as if something enterd his body, he said with wild uproar "Silence gives the soul the strength to overcome every obstacle.
Self Realisation is the way towards achieving everything in life. Then you are no longer disturbed by the happines and sadness because you know that
your true self is above it. You realise that there is calm buddha inside it. You will know that the god you were always looking for was deep inside you.
But to see them you have to clear your eyes which are filled with dirt of money and these worldy relationship."
And he ended with a line that i will always remember "Give up everything to realise your true self and in the end when you realise it you won't need anything,
when you don't need anything this world will offer you everything because only a king can have everything not a beggar you is begging for a penny."

I was really astonished with his understanding and i gave him a big hug. And that we wolfed down the food and and i had the most peaceful sleep in the
recent time.And all my journey back i was thinking about his thoughts. I hope that we had furher discussion on that. Till that time GooDBYE.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


A very interesting incident took place a couple of weeks ago, I was traveling from office to back home. It was quite late around 11 o'clock. SO i just thought that, i should just sit down for a couple of minutes on walkers street. I was just thinking about others things, i saw a man coming towards me. He was wearing ragged clothes, he has not shaved for months and he was walking as though he was drunk. He came towards me and i thought, Horseshit, this man will beg for some money. And most of the time what you focus on tends to happen. He said,Sir "can you give one rupee just one rupee, i only need one rupee". I thought this man who is in 50's is begging me for money and i am in my twenties earning a nice amount. It made me curious about how this man is behaving. Sometime back i heard a tony Robbins tape where he said, if you don't keep enough money in pocket, then you have a bad psychology. So i always make a point that keep five rupees or ten rupee notes in between hundred rupee bill.
So what i did was i opened wallet, i made it a point that he sees my wallet and the money inside it. Then i took the one rupee coin. But before giving him i said, " Sir, Life will give what you ask, so ask carefully." Then i gave him the money.
A very interesting thing happened, he looked at money then at my wallet then at my face, again looked at money then on wallet and then on my face, coin --- wallet -- my face. And then he said, "You are weird".
So what i want to say is, Life gives us back what we ask for. We always say" I want money". Then life says, take the dollar you son of a bitch and go away. Be very precise how much money do you want. Be very precise what kind of person you want to be. Don't be like , you know i want to do something great with my life but i don't know what to do.
Get very clear about what you want to have. And then decide what you will give in return because their are no free lunch.
This is first step towards success.
This is article is due the courtesy of Tony Robbins.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Making Our Should's as must

One of the problem everyone faces is that of procrastination i.e we know that we should do a thing but we don't do it.Did you ever tried to figure out why it happens...
Suppose, you got an exam on 25' June and today's date is 5 June. So, you will think that we will study from tomorrow. Although from inside you know you must study but you don't do that. Now its 10 june, pain gets stronger you feel uneasy, but you say i will start from 13th June. Now, its 15th june, the pain gets even stronger, but you still don't pick up the book. Now its 22june, the pain is unbearable but you say from tomorrow i will study.Now its 24th june now you have to face it, now you got to study because the fear of failure, the pain of failure is greater than not picking up the book. Now you will study.. Now the should is converted into must....Now its a must to study,its not a should anymore.
Thats what happens in relationships, you hang in their even though their is little bit pain in it, you don't say anything to the partner. When the pain becomes unbearable you quit the relationship. Thats what happens in everything in life, you wanna loose the weight, you crrrrrrrrry out , o shit o shit, holygod i should loose weight, but
i don't get rid of this
fuckin weight. Alhough you feel bad when your thunder thighs don't get into your favourite pair of jeans but thats not enough.... but you still keep on eating that garbage food like a rotten pig... unless one day doctor says yooooooou smelling pig, you got blooodsugar and mild heartattack. Now all horns go up and first thing on the next morning is you got to the gym and run like crazy. What happened, someone slapped your dirty ass, you felt so much pain that you said too yourself, man "we must change".

So the key is to make things must, whatever you want to achieve. It should be a must.
So how to turn a should into a must. First thing that you must understand is that we are nothing but emotions, everything that you and i do is because of emotions... you may say that i do thing because of selfinterest but that's bullshit when emotions comes into picture. If you can enough emotions than you can do anything. Suppose if i tell you to talk to stranger , intially you will be scared and you will think thousand times before talking to him or her. Try it once and see your body language. Your shoulders will be lymped, your heart will be pounding. You will be scared and tell you 95 people out of 100 won't even dare.

Now, i make a twist what if i tell you that, if you don't talk then your whole family will die of hunger, you will beg all your life and you won't get married. Now you just go to person and talk with him because its no more a should and its a must.

Now, let us makes some changes what if tell you that the person is your school mate, now what will do you will go and hug him and kiss him in the places people won't like too know. Now what has changed, your prespective has changed. The way you think about has changed.

So do what you want to with your life,make it a must. talk with the girl you always wanted to speak and propose her. Don't think about the rejection. If you want to acheive something make it must. Thats the way people achieve something in life.
Till next post bye and have great time.
I would love to see your comments.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Power of Making Decision..

So many times i asked myself, what is it that really shapes our life.. or how can you achieve something in life... or what is the art of achievement?
When i ask people , why they are not able to achieve their goals..
And they come up with different answers..
They say..
uhh! you know jay, i tried but i gave up..
or they say i didn't have enough money..
i didn't have enough time..
i didn't got opportunity..
or they you know because of that son of a bitch, i lost it.....
But that's bullshit, that's holy crap...
The answer is, you did not made the decision..
tell me.. if you are creative enough, playful enough, passionate enough...
you will make it happen.. you will go through firewalls
I have seen people with no backgrounds, with no money, who are mentally, physically and
spiritually abused achieve something incredible..
when you ask them, what really made difference.
They would say, i made the decision and i stood by it.
Like Lance Armstrong, here is guy who got testicular cancer.. he got the cancer in his lungs, in his guts... he did not win any tour de france before he got cancer.. everyone thinks he would die..
he comes out of cancer. He goes onto win seven Tour DE France seven times because he is more strong physiologically, he is mentally stronger and he stood by what he believes...
That's what really makes the difference.
SO know what you want, be very precise and write it down. Be very very clear about your goals in life. And once you make the difference that make a decision and stand by it. If it is not working
than change your approach.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Life is like a heart.

Lifes more like a dance floor where
you got to make the right moves.
Life is like a box full of chocolate,
and you got to pick the right one.
Life is like a icecream,
you have to lick it before it melts,
Lifes is like a ocean wave,
you have to jump before it goes away.
Lifes is like a stage,
you have to play your part.
Lifes is like a song,
you have to sing it.
Lifes is like a notepad,
you have to make your own story.
Lifes is like a dream,
you have to Live it.
Lifes is like a quest,
you have to find it.
Lifes is like a girl knocking your door,
you have to love it.
Lifes is a school,
you have to learn it.
Lifes like a valley,
you have to cross it.
But Lifes more like your heart,
it stops pounding if you cease to dare.
Lifes more like your heart,
it listens to its own drummer.
yeah life is mor like heart.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I want to be

I don't want to be better,
I don't want to be the best,
I want to the greatest.
I don't want to run,
I don't want to ride,
I want to fly.
I don't want to read,
I don't want to write,
I want to learn.
I don't want to be a sparkle.
I don't want to be a flame,
I want to be the sun.
I don't want to be a trail.
I don't want to be a legend,
I want to be the an epic.
I don't want to be a blowing air.
I don't want to be a gust of wind,
I want to be the thunderstorm.
I don't want to be a shade.
I don't want to be a shelter,
I want to be the sky.
I don't want cheers.
I don't want laughter,
I want to pain.
But i can't be greatest without being best ,
best without being better.
So to be better i have to work,
To be best i have to work hard,
And to be the greatest i have to love to suffer.


I wrote this a couple of years of ago, I don't know whether you will like it. But this ones is very close to me. I hope you will like it. Its a conversation between me my friend and me.

One day my friend said No I can't,
i said yes you can.
Hes said He is sleeping,
I said yes he is dreaming.
He said everything is mortal,
I said thing is mortal,
thoughts are immortal,
He said water is draining from sky,
I said yes its raining,
He said here we are alone,
I said yes we are in peace,
He said I can't do it ,its improbable,
I said it just looks improbable but after some time it will in inevitable,
He said how can i do it,
I said by Hard work and believing in it.
He said why waste time in hard work,
I said it the ultimate cost of success,
He said isn't there any other way,
I said if you can get light without burning oil,
If you reach the peak without climbing the mountain,
If baby can walk without falling down,
If the mighty one's can achieve greatness without suffering.
Then my friend there definitely would have been another way.
He said why there is suffering in the path of success.
I said tell me what separates a stone from a diamond.
He said of course the cost,
I said No , The difference is in effort.
He said I can't understand,
I said look dear one, To get a diamond man goes beneath the earth,
stakes his life, digs millions of tonnes of soil. To just get a small piece
of diamond.
So there never will be a great victory without great agony. because agony and ecstasy are mingled together like day with night and darkness with light.
He said but there is agony,
I said to separate the successful from unsuccessful.
He said but how,
I said agony tests the character of man,
agony is like a pure fire which moulds the gold into proper shape.
It lets the man know he is capable off.
He said OK I will work hard but I don't have faith,
I sad then trust on God.
He said but I don't believe in god,
He said that's why you do not believe in yourself.
He said will you explain who god is,
I said God is love and love is god.
He said How love and believe are mingled together,
I said because In love you believe in whom you love and
In Believing you love whom you believe.
and in all you find happiness in pain and tears in cheer's.
He said I want to know what joy is,
I said If you want to know joy,
then see it in child's face or look it in the glittering eyes of your dog.
He said yes but where from they get it,
I said from treasury of God.
He siad how can I get it,
I said simply start loving everything.
He said again we are back to love,
I said yes because it is what by which men live by.
He said how can you say that men live myt love,
I said because everything that we do is at some point is attached to love.
He said I think I all know This,
I said Yes I know all this.
But there is difference in knowing the path and walking the path.
And we all make choices which makes the difference.
He said finally tell me how can decide between good and evil,
I said If you will be truthful to that inner voice and can say that after watching this
god will be please and will be proud to say , He is my son. Then you are correct.

He said , You know everything and i know nothing,
I said No my dear lovely friend,
How can you say that you know nothing, If it was such then
from where come all this spiritual question. Because there
lives in you an undiscovered soul, There lives unilluminated lamp,
there lives an eager soul ready to leave its mark on sand of time.
So that humankind follow it. And
Question who the great one was?